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Nazaralgatari oficial website

nazar al qatari official website

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Nazaralgatari oficial website

nazar al qatari official website

About us

Nazar Fazlollah Armani Al Qatari .

Born: June 5, 1971 in Qatar, but his parents were from Larstan, one of the counties of Fars province.

Education: Master’s degree in Islamic Law (Jurisprudence) from Middlesex University, London, England.

Occupation: Audiovisual specialist, manager of the Hoopoe branch in Kuwait, and program manager at Al-Koot network.

Achievements: Chosen as the Ambassador of Love in 2023 by the Zahra Trust Foundation.

Personal life: Nazar, a Qatari, has three children named Kawsar, Hussein, and Ali. He lived in Kuwait for a while and is currently residing in London. He is proficient in Arabic, Persian, English, Urdu, and Lari languages.

He completed his education in Qatar. He started school at the age of six and began memorizing the Quran at eight. He was able to memorize half of the Quran and even achieved the first place seven times among his peers in Quran memorization during his childhood.

He started chanting at the age of eight when no chanters came to the assembly. He started with two lines of a poem that his mother was murmuring, and because he only knew those two lines, he repeated them 80 times and gained the public’s favor. After that, he began writing old chants on paper and reciting them.